Work experience

I have been working as a broadcast journalist in the UK for almost fifteen years. Although I specialise in radio, I have also freelanced as a journalist and presenter at a local TV station.


Over the last few years I have taken a step into documentary making, which has given me a chance to delve deeper in to my areas of interest. I am currently working on my first commission for BBC World Service Radio. The music documentary about Indian classical music is being produced by Peter Gallacher, the Creative Director of the Audio Cafe, an independent radio company based in Wales. Here I work as a freelance journalist, presenter and research consultant. The hour long documentary will be aired around the globe sometime in 2018. So stay tuned...

Early career

My work in local radio in the early part of my career involved covering news stories in the Home Counties of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. This gave me a chance to interview some fascinating and inspirational people from all walks of life. My job also included the very glamorous task of reading the news on air, something I relished. I was on air on the morning of the 7/7 bombings in London which will stay with me for a long time, along with many many other historical moments. I also covered the 2008 elections in the US which was won by Barack Obama, for an asian women’s magazine.


Some of the well known people I have interviewed include Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, while my most memorable interview has to be with the late Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. But all throughout my journalism career I have sought to speak to people who have been making a difference in their communities, while speaking out for those who don’t always have a voice.

Marketing and promotions

Since becoming a freelance journalist in 2007 I used my journalism skills in the field of marketing in the arts sector. I worked as marketing officer at one of the largest centre’s for Indian art and culture in the UK - The Bhavan Centre. During my time here I interviewed many performing artistes including one of the greatest Indian classical musicians, the late Pandit Ravi Shankar. I was constantly surrounded by talented musicians, dancers and visual artists and have developed an infinity for the arts in general. I believe and so does the research, that the arts has a profound and positive effect on us, either as those actively involved in the medium or as audiences members.



If you have a story or idea you think would make a good documentary, get in touch with me via my contacts page, I would love to hear from you.